33 Trending Summer Centerpieces For Dining Room Decor

Trending Summer Centerpieces For Dining Room Decor 10

A lot of preparation goes into throwing a dinner party. The food selection is probably the most important thing on your mind, but we can’t forget about the decorations.

Tabletop accessories and other decor items can help set the mood of the party and create a beautiful ambiance. Even if the food is delicious, guests want to know this is a nice get-together and not just taco Tuesday served on paper plates. Every party needs decorating.

If this is a more formal dinner party, then it’s time to bring out the special occasion china. Set the table right with dinner plates, salad plates, chargers, soup bowls, and every other piece you own in the collection. This is also the perfect time to utilize all that extra silverware.

Set the flatware in the order of use with the salad fork on the outside and the dessert fork on the inside. Bring out the beautiful serving platters and use drink dispensers. If you’re serving wine, use a wine carafe instead of pouring straight from the bottle. A few flower petals sprinkled over the table can give your table a little extra flair.

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