36 Fascinating Closet Reading Nook Design Ideas

Fascinating Closet Reading Nook Design Ideas 22

Do you crave a quiet, comfortable space in your home that doesn’t require a lot of space, nor time and money to pull together?

Do you want an inviting space to read, write, draw or just be in? A Reading area can be created out of the smallest of spaces but have a monumental impact on your life and mood.

Reading areas also called “nooks” can be created out of extra square footage in a bedroom, under a window, from a small box area, under stairs, or even a closet. You don’t need more than a few things to turn a small space into another world.

First you need to figure out what space you are going to put a sitting area in. For today’s example think about a space in a bedroom corner, under a windowsill or under a set of staircases. All of these areas a part of a much larger room where color needs to be considered. This space should also be free of many distractions and loud noises.

Decide what is most comfortable for you. Do you want a large comfy chair to swallow you up as you read? An armchair you can curl up into, a beanbag chair or many pillows and a cushion to sit amongst? Pick fabrics that are soft, comfortable and pleasant to be on for extended periods of time.

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