37 Amazing Sunroom Design Ideas

Amazing Sunroom Design Ideas 22

Sunrooms are as popular as ever which makes for a multitude of sunroom ideas. Not to be confused with a four season room, sunroom designs rely on the sun for warmth and they lack air conditioning as a general rule.

Like any room addition, sunrooms can be as simple or elegant as finances allow. Our sunroom ideas may offer options you had not previously considered.

Sunrooms can be custom-built or purchased as prefabricated sunrooms. Either way, you will want to choose a sunroom design that blends in with the architecture of your home. Options range from traditional designs that use a shed-type roof (usually the least expensive), cathedrals that have a gable-style roof, split-roof designs for a more contemporary look and a dramatic roof line, to curved designs with curved glass roofs.

Since sunrooms are all about the glass, choose windows for a sunroom that have a high R-value, are tempered for safety, have draft-proof seals, and have the American Architectural Manufacturers Association approval. Triple pane low e-glass windows are perhaps the best windows for sunrooms and will provide the best energy efficiencies. However, double pane windows that are argon-filled will provide substantial energy efficiency as well. Single pane windows are the most economical but least energy-efficient.

Another window option is single solex glass which is tinted green and designed to minimize heat absorption into the room. Solex glass reflects ultraviolet rays to protect skin, furnishings, and floor coverings. It is more expensive than other glass types.

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