32 Beautiful Hanging Mason Jars For Home Decor Ideas

Beautiful Hanging Mason Jars For Home Decor Ideas 16

Mason jars are traditionally used for canning and storage. But did you know that more recently, they’re becoming more popular for home lighting fixtures too?

Over the last few years, people all over are using these versatile jars for everything from candleholders to chandeliers.

We’ve even started making rustic light fixtures for our store using these jars too. People love them because of the woodsy look and feel. Mounted on slabs of real tree bark, they’re perfect for cabins or for homes with country decor.

There are all types of lighting ideas, like creating “designer” jars with strings of lights stuffed inside. These make great nightlights for kids’ rooms or a source of ambient light for any room in the house.

One of the most popular types of lighting is a simple candle inside a jar. You can buy jars with candles already in them, and once you burn down the candle, replace it or clean out the jar and use it for a different source of lighting.

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