33 Lovely Valentine Crafts For Toddlers Teaching About Love

Lovely Valentine Crafts For Toddlers Teaching About Love 23

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for grownups anymore. As soon as your child gets to kindergarten or first grade, he or she will be making Valentine’s Day crafts and treats. If you have an older child, who’s been bringing home Valentine’s Day “stuff” from school, your toddler or preschooler may be asking to make some crafts with you as well.

Even if you don’t have an older child, making these cute crafts and treats with your little one is a lot of fun and a great way to spend quality time together on a cold afternoon. The easiest thing to do is to make some Valentine’s Day cards together. Your child can give these to parents, grandparents and close friends.

Start with some red or pink construction paper. Fold each sheet in half to make a card shape. Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to let your child trace a heart shape on the card. Or trace it on a different sheet of construction paper and help your preschooler cut it out. He can then glue it on the card. Let him decorate the card with crayons, markers, stickers, glitter and any other crafting supplies you have laying around the house. Ask him what he would like you to write on the inside of the card, then let him deliver his special Valentine’s Day card, or mail it to distant relatives.

If your child wants to make treat bags for a few special friends, here’s an idea. Cut two matching heart shapes out of thick cardboard or card stock. Use a hole punch to make holes around the bottom part of each heart. Line up the hearts and then use some red thread or ribbon to sew the two heart shapes together. Don’t add any holes to the top part of the hearts. This will be the opening of the bag. You can add a long piece of the string toward the top to make a handle.

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