35 The Best Bookshelf Decor Ideas For Your Living Room

The Best Bookshelf Decor Ideas For Your Living Room 28

Whether you have a built-in bookshelf or you just have a large freestanding bookshelf, it can be difficult to decide on how you want to utilize the space.

Most people like to use bookshelves as not only storage for their books, but also an area in the room that radiates style and personality.

It may be common sense to use place books on your bookshelf but this doesn’t mean you randomly place your library up on the shelves. In fact, you may not even use the bookshelf for most of your books. A great way to decorate a bookshelf is with interesting and antique books that give the space personality. These can be old books you find at a flea market or used book store or they can be modern day coffee books or art books. What kind of book you use all depends on what style you are going for.

Another factor to consider is where you place the books. Unless you want the whole bookshelf to just be books, pick certain areas of the shelf to display and arrange the interesting books. You can use stylish bookends to hold the books in place. You can even get creative and arrange some books horizontally and others vertically. Or you can arrange books by color or size. Create an atmosphere!

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