34 Lovely Hippie Home Decor Ideas You Should Try Now

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The Sixties were a time of enormous change, both technologically and socially. The space race was on and the American culture was focused on Sputnik, the Cold War and jet airplanes that were able to transport people faster than ever before.

American culture was also focused on a younger generation that was busy rebelling against long-established traditions. This rebellion had a huge impact on fashion, music and home decor.

Everything became more dynamic, graphic and colorful. London was also a major influence on design and trends, especially with their most famous export, The Beatles. In 1964 the first discotheque opened in L.A. and quickly caught on across the country. The high-tech metallic and mirrored look of the discos influenced home and office interior design.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the hippie culture with travel to India and Morocco introduced the “ethnic” look. The words “Peace” and “Love” were seen everywhere as both graphic symbols and as a mantra of a generation. Life in the 60s focused on self-expression and home decor was just the place for people to make their individual statement.

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