33 Beautiful Hanging Orchids Design Ideas

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Many of us want to be experts at growing orchids at home. By knowing how to grow orchids with a few simple tips, you can grow orchids like a professional. Orchids are gorgeous exotic flowers that are relatively simple to grow as long as you know how.

Stabilizing the Stem – The stems of an orchid can grow rather tall. If you have ever purchased an orchid, you have probably noticed that it was held up by a stick and clip.

You can purchase clips and these sticks at any flower or hardware store. By using a clip you can stabilize the stem so that its natural weight does not make it collapse.

Keeping Temperature – Knowing how to grow orchids relies on essentials, such as temperature. You should always ensure that your orchid stays in an environment maintaining a temperature of 75 to 85 degrees during day light and 60 to 70 degrees during the night time. As long as you maintain consistent temperatures for your orchid, you will notice that it blossoms successfully.

Understanding Roots – Often you will find that your plant begins to sprout its roots out of its pot. Though it may be tempting to simply shove them back into place, this can actually harm your plant. Instead, move your orchid to a larger pot where the roots will have ample room to grow.

Use of Hanging Baskets – Orchids such as the Dendrobiums, will grow very tall and heavy. If you purchase a wooden orchid basket and hang them from the ceiling this can assist them in growing with that weight. Not to mention this is a gorgeous way to display your blossoming orchids.

How to Treat a Sick Orchid – Just like any other plant, orchids can get sick. If you notice that your plant is showing signs of sickness, quickly move it away from your healthy plants. Plant diseases move very quickly and isolating it is the only way to treat it effectively without contaminating the entire bunch.

Insecticides – When it comes to using any insecticide, it is best to go all-natural. There are numerous recipes online where you can create your own natural insecticide. Spray this homemade mixture onto your orchids using a spray bottle. This will rid your plant of any harmful insects that may try to poach its nutrients.

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