33 Beautiful Valentine Table Centerpiece Best For Your Dining Room

Beautiful Valentine Table Centerpiece Best For Your Dining Room 03

Why spend money on a specialty tablecloth? One Valentine’s decoration idea is to simply purchase red velvet or red satin fabric and drape it over your table as a decorative overlay. Or, create a table runner with either one of your fabric choices.

Other table decoration ideas for your Valentine Day dinner include creating a simple yet fun and whimsical floral centerpiece using red fruit and flowers. This centerpiece includes crab apples, red roses and strawberries.

Please note that strawberries attract small insects so you don’t want to use them in your outdoor centerpieces and probably it is best to use them at a small indoor dinner party where the centerpiece is just on the table during the dinner. (For other do-it-yourself floral centerpieces check the floral décor chapter in Budget Bash.)

At this dinner party, the hostess provided at each place-setting romantic love inspired quotes. She used red and black construction paper, rhinestones and red ribbon for décor on these notes. The quotes were printed on the red construction paper and then pasted onto the black paper as a background. Then the notes were decorated with the ribbon and rhinestones. Of course, you can always use these quotes at other parties you host as well.

Simple table decoration ideas for Valentine’s as well as other holidays include red votives on the table as well as hanging votives from your dining room chandelier (if you have one). Many craft shops sell these pre-made hanging votive holders and all you need to do is place a red candle inside!

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