32 Gorgeous Winter Living Room Decor You Should Copy Now

Gorgeous Winter Living Room Decor You Should Copy Now 08

If you are like many home owners, you fell in love with the open floor plan of your home. Now that you have moved in it has turned into a love/hate relationship.

Because you just cannot seem to get that warm, inviting feel created in the expanse of your living room that you crave. Before you give up, or start calling architects to make some changes to your floor plan, give a few of these approaches a try:

Large open rooms provide an excellent opportunity to create individualized areas within the space. This can be done with seating arrangements, the use of rugs, lighting, and using functional furniture such as a desk or bookcase.

This idea works well if you use a large area rug to place seating options on. You can center them around a focal point such as a coffee table or fireplace to make a more cozy atmosphere. Nearby, you can have a desk for use as well. This effectively divides the open space without the use of walls.

A plain ceiling can make a room feel endless. You can limit this issue by adding coffered ceilings or strapping. The patterns will break up the expansive ceiling overhead making the area seem more managed.

Color is always important in your decor. Warm and neutral tones are the best choices for making a room inviting. Depending on your design, the right dark hues, such as brown or grey, can also be used to produce a cozy room.

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