38 Inspiring Modern Scandinavian Style Bedroom Decor Ideas

Inspiring Modern Scandinavian Style Bedroom Decor Ideas 33

Does your bedroom furniture invoke the feeling of a yard sale of flea market? Do you have mismatched pieces like a pale birch nightstand and a dark mahogany dresser? If so, it may be time to unify the look in your bedroom by investing in a new bedroom set.

Imagine your bed matching the nightstand, which matches the dresser, which in turn matches the chest and armoire. This complete, unified look can be yours for far less than you think.

Bedroom sets or suites have become immensely popular over the past ten to twenty years. Consumers no longer have to pray one manufacturer’s cherry finish will match another’s, or put in the legwork (or web-work) of making this happen.

These bedroom sets ensure an exact matching finish with another benefit–matching hardware as well. Handles and knobs are an important part of a piece of furniture’s overall look, as they work to offset the finish of the wood by adding a contrasting color and texture.

With a new bedroom set, these pieces of hardware all work together so you don’t have an old copper handle clashing with a shiny silver knob. A great thing about these bedroom sets is that no matter what style or era of furniture you’re into, you can find it.

These new bedroom furniture sets are available in traditional styles like colonial, cottage, and Victorian, as well as more modern looks such as Scandinavian and Asian-inspired. Your choice of wood finish is also almost completely limitless. Everything from the palest pine to the darkest shade of espresso, and everything in between is available.

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